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Makkah Nylon has introduced a special product for embroidery purpose with its past 10 years experience and a full reliability to brand of Makkah nylon. Polyester 408 D super bright yarns are designed just for obtaining the desired quality and appearance on the curtains. Polyester 408 D super bright yarns are semi-texturized yarns that have the volume to fill the patterns with less stitch and still very bright compared to flat yarns, which saves lots in cost. Compared to regular texturized yarns,


Back Shuttle Yarns

To create the maximum efficiency for the production, Makkah Nylon has improved the best yarn for back thread. Makkah Nylon has the ability to serve to its customers both on bobbin and on cocoons upon their requests. Single and two plied yarns with higher tenacity then the regular yarns are convenient for the all needs in cocoons. Containing more yarn in cocoons minimize the stops of the production because of changing shuttle. By its superior qualifications, it allows to use the cocoons till it ends without having any deformation in the shape.

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